-How to make a reservation for JAPAN-ESCORT.NET-
  • STEP1Please make a reservation with the reservation form the day before.(Women need to prepare for.)
  • STEP2Please peruse the “How to make a call”.
  • STEP3Please make a phone call to the shop.(Your reservation is not confirmed until you have telephoned us.)
Shijō, Kawaramachi, Gion, Ogoto
Detail info of the store

"Secret door"

Delivery of sexual service: As girls can provide sexual service at the hotel where guests stay (The services are still offered after 24 o’clock.), guests can enjoy a sweet atmosphere of staying with their lover. However, if guests stay in a singe room at a hotel, then they cannot enjoy such service.
Kyoto / Outcall Service (Delivery)
Outcall Service : "Secret door"
Location : Within Kyoto Prefecture; within Shiga County.
Business hours : From 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. the next day
Standard Play
1. Young girls go to your hotel. (If illegal sexual trade is forbidden in your hotel, we will find you a nearby inn for lovers.)
2. Within a limited time, girls with a high standard can make sure that you will derive pleasure from ejaculation.
• Services contained in the service charges:
Complete nudity, deep kiss, mixed bathing, licking your whole body gently, intercruralsex, 69 different styles of oral sexual-intercourse, Fellationwithout rubber, insertion with finger, "sexal lotion" massage
• Service process:
[1] Going into the bathroom together with the girl
[2] Disinfection
[3] The girl disinfecting the penis of the man.Disinfection is a very universal behavior in Japan, and ordinary disinfectants are used)
[4] Making love on bed.
[5] Entering the bathroom after that
* We are sorry to tell you that male penis cannot be inserted in the female vagina.
  • (A)50min 18,000-
  • (B)60min¥20,000-
  • (C)80min¥24,000-
  • (D)100min¥30,000-
  • (E)120min¥36,000-
  • (F)150min¥44,000-
  • (all including transportation fee)

* Advance payment. Please pay the fee to the clerk (or the girl) before enjoying yourself.
* The nomination fee is added for ¥2,000.

1. The girl goes to your hotel. (Sometimes, she cannot do so as the case may be).
2. You cannot cancel your telephone appointment.
1. We are sorry to tell you that male penis cannot be inserted in the female vagina.
2. You must treat the girl kindly as if she were your lover.
3. You cannot force the girl to do a thing she is unwilling to do.
(The girl will say “No” under such circumstances.)

* Click these photos, you can get the detail information of girls.


If it is inconvenient for you to go out of your hotel, we can pick you up and carry you back with our car.

If your hotel is in the urban area, we will carry you to a lovers’ inn with a 5-minute journey from your hotel. We will charge you separately the fee in the lovers’ inn. (The charge for a lovers’ inn is 3000-10000 Japanese yens)

If you feel that the charge for a lovers’ inn is too high, we will find you a lovers’ inn with a 15-minute journey from your hotel. Of course, the fee is subject to your approval.

Method of appointment

Please read and understand the above-mentioned contents.

Click on the right button and fill in the form to make a reservation.

It is necessary to call to the store to confirm your reservation on the day of use. (Domestic call only)
Reservation by the day before, please.


Please teach the landmark near your house when we visit (person in the living in Japan)
Please be aware: There may be times that we will not be able to make to those scheduled visits. Also, phones may not be answered in some circumstances.Thank you for your understanding.

* If you have any trouble, "JAPAN-ESCORT.NET" will not take any responsibility.

I stayed at a Japanese hotel for a long time for work. After finding this service via Internet occasionally, I made a phone call. A girl at the age of 25 came. She was a very beautiful and lovely Japanese girl. She served me absolutely well. Since then, I have been calling a girl once a month.
Mr. Liang(Hong Kong/alias)
I heard such sort of thing as “secret door” from a friend of mine studying in Japan, so I had the same experience after that. The youthfulness and gentleness of Japanese girls are really astonishing. As to the customs of Japan, it is really unusual.
Mr. Chen (Taiwan/alias)
With my wife far away in USA, I could not relieve my lonely life, so I called a girl to my hotel. I heard that public prostitution would be legally punished in Japan. Of course, It is rather nice to spend an exhilarating night in this secret and furtive way.
Mr. Michael(US/alias)