-How to make a reservation for JAPAN-ESCORT.NET-
  • STEP1Please make a reservation with the reservation form the day before.(Women need to prepare for.)
  • STEP2Please peruse the “How to make a call”.
  • STEP3Please make a phone call to the shop.(Your reservation is not confirmed until you have telephoned us.)
Umeda, Namba
(梅田, 難波)
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Japan Escort Erotic Massage Club

Osaka,Namba,Nipponbashi,Japan / Massage Parlor
Over 600 Japanese Girls in 16 cities, Japan. Arriving within 30 min. Foreigner Friendly Legal Licensed Nationwide Escort Agency.
Location : Osaka,Namba,Nipponbashi,Japan
Business hours : 9am – 5am the next day
Standard Play

Rejuvenation Sensual Outcall Massage, Testicle, Groin, Lymphatic, Prostate and facesitting with handjob.

A fully naturist body to body sensual massage using Kaishun (Japanese Testicle massage) methods are an unforgettable experience. It's intended to relax and build total awareness of your sexual energy through the power of erotic touch like a feather.You will have the unique combination of Testicle, Groin, Lymphatic and Prostate massage, plus facesitting and handjob. This techniques that our every girls have learned before sending to you. Executive stress relief for your nightlife.

BRANCHES: Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe, Nagoya, Yokohama, Kawasaki, Hiroshima, Fukuoka, Sendai and Sapporo in JAPAN.

  • 60min/14,000Yen
  • 75min/18,000Yen
  • 90min/22,000Yen
  • 120min/28,000Yen
  • 150min/36,000Yen
  • 180min/44,000Yen
  • 60min/16,000Yen
  • 75min/20,000Yen
  • 90min/24,000Yen
  • 120min/30,000Yen
  • 150min/38,000Yen
  • 180min/46,000Yen
  • Admission/1,000Yen, Designation/2,000Yen

※These fees are subject to 8% tax
※There are some hotels where we can't send escort girls(But you can meet them at our meeting point.)

  • Premier Girl fee for 1,000 JPY
  • Receipt for 500 JPY
  • Other optional services:Not provided.
  • ・Full body oil sensual rejuvenation massage includes Testicle, Groin, Lymphatic and Prostate(on request)
  • ・Handjob and Facesitting included.
  • ・Body to body massage (you don’t need to touch her)
  • ・You cannot complain to girl. (call Reception)
  • Escort in our massage club does not mean full service. It means hospitality.
  • Experience the hospitality our erotic kaishun massage.

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Official Site

There is more than one meeting place.

Method of appointment

Please read and understand the above-mentioned contents.

Step1 Click on the right button and fill in the form to make a reservation.

It is necessary to call to the store to confirm your reservation on the day of use. (Domestic call only)
Step2 Before you call the phone, please be sure to read "How to make a confirmation call".
Step3Tel. 06-6212-1950

* If you have any trouble, "JAPAN-ESCORT.NET" will not take any responsibility.

Bust that shape is good for smoothness skin, tightened hip, and the highest soft ratio. The oblique tooth seen when especially laughing by the owner with the pretty face that had both beauty and both of the face lovely was angry and acceptable love was angry. The massage was very disagreeable the way to touch, and service by a melting soft lip was very healed highest. It was friendly and 75 instant minutes of lover feelings in the mama's baby that had come skilled without reserve. Thank you for wonderful time.
John(age35 USA) / Favorite girl:Yukina
It was wrapped in the aura of Ai gentle healing the encounter, and can spend two happy hours and is large satisfactory. It is after a long time to be able to spend happy so in a relaxed manner time. It is feelings that already want to meet just the separation now a little while ago again and are reluctant. It works hard the next reunion in the enjoyment and it works hard at work. Is the reward to me made an encounter because it is birthday WEEK?See you again Ai. take care of your health.
Yang(age42 HongKong) / Favorite girl:Ai
It knew the existence of the rejuvenation massage on the net this time, and erica was discovered from the homepage a biting interest it though it occasionally came to Yokohama on business. It immediately reserved, and erica was requested. The spirit and her body were controlled by her, and I was able to do finish while feeling the ecstasy that mentioned the inside and the god of dream feelings though I was a content of play. Do your best It comes erica and to meet!! It can work hard work from tomorrow thanks to her.
Danie(age29 AUS) / Favorite girl:Erika