-How to make a reservation for JAPAN-ESCORT.NET-
  • STEP1Please make a reservation with the reservation form the day before.(Women need to prepare for.)
  • STEP2Please peruse the “How to make a call”.
  • STEP3Please make a phone call to the shop.(Your reservation is not confirmed until you have telephoned us.)
Roppongi, Shinagawa, Meguro
(六本木, 品川, 目黒)
Store List(By region)

Meguro Club

This is a service that can meet the special demands of sadists and masochists. Girls in some stores only play the role of “S”, while the girls in some stores only play the role of “M”. Of course, some girls in a store play the role of both “S” and “M”. You can choose any style from soft SM to hard SM, either ejaculation or non-ejaculation, either enjoying the service in the store or at a hotel.
It is SM service that sends the woman(S or M woman) to the hotel.
Location: Minato-Ku Tokyo ※Closest station:Meguro Station
Business hours : 12:00 - 24:00
Standard Play
  • 1.The report of the confirmation is put in your where to make contact on that day of the reservation.
  • (Please tell the spelling of the name when you reserve it.)
  • 2.The mistress goes to the hotel and home where you are staying.
  • ※It looks for a near love hotel when it is not possible to play at your hotel.
  • 3.Please enjoy the SM play slowly in the service time.

■Flow of service

  • 1.It counsels (Discuss desires/likes/dislikes/limits).
  • 2.Play session begins.
  • ※The mistress becomes the stark-naked or Clothes are BDSM fasion.
  • 3.Ejaculation; The mistress can stimulate you with either her hands or feet or vibrator, or you can self-stimulate.
  • ※Do not provide any sort of penatrative intercourse.

【S course】

※Only being able to speak Japanese correctly corresponds.

The customer becomes an assailant, a passive woman is blamed.

  • (A)60min/¥30,000.
  • (B)90min/¥43,000.
  • (C)120min/¥58,000
  • (D)Extension30min/¥15,000.

■Service that can be enjoyed in charge

Shibari(Bondage)・Whipping・Enema・Wax Paly・Whole body service・Blame words・Costume play

【M Course】

The woman becomes an assailant and it becomes passive for the customer.

  • (A)60min/¥20,000.
  • (B)90min/¥28,000.
  • (C)120min/¥38,000.
  • (D)Extension30min/¥10,000.

■Service that can be enjoyed in charge

Shibari(Bondage)・Whipping・Enema・Ass Play・Watersports・Shaming・Naked mistress・Silver(It is play that vomits saliva to the women)・Needle Play・Catheter・Wax Play・Service・Breast Bondage・Penis Bondage・Discipline・Costume Play

【S&M Course】

※Being able to speak Japanese even by the smattering can correspond.

It is a course where S course and both M course can be experienced.

  • (A)70min/¥30,000.
  • (B)105min/¥43,000.
  • (C)140min/¥58,000.
  • (D)Extension30min/¥15,000.

■S course and M course can be served at the same time.


The option has the woman who can do and the woman who cannot do.

(It is when every woman who can do doesn't go to work when reserving it. )


  • With out Skins:¥5,000.(Cumshot is contained.)
  • Bukkake:¥3,000.(Please do not be to the hair. )
  • Swallow:¥10,000.
  • Anal fuck:¥10,000.(With Skins)

■Hard Play

  • When the cicatrix remains in the body after it plays:¥10,000.
  • When the skin cuts with the whip etc.:¥300,000.
  • Burn with wax:¥30,000.
  • Use of six tale whips:¥20,000.
  • Use of riding whips:¥50,000.
  • Use of single tale whips:¥100,000.
  • Wax play to penis:¥10,000.

■Hard Sports(Coprophilia)

  • It eats master's excrement. :¥100,000.(By about one teaspoon)
  • It drink master's urine(Watersports):¥30,000.(About 100cc)
  • Body Worship(Before it takes a bath):¥10,000.
  • Excrement is painted on the body(Whole body):¥70,000.
  • Excrement is painted on the body(Only the leg):¥30,000.
  • Brown Showers:¥10,000.

■Rainbow Showers

Rainbow Showers:¥5,000(It vomits)

■Bringing of tool in

It depends on an arbitrary woman though it is a prohibition in principle. :¥3,000~

■Taking a picture

  • Camera:¥10,000.(All faces are hid.)
  • Video:¥50,000.
  • Our shop do not provide any sort of penatrative intercourse (vaginal or anal)
  • Feratio(oral sex)・Anal Fakcing is service only of S course and the S&M course.(Another charge)
  • Body touch is allowed only with the mistress`s permission for M course.
  • You must be 18 or older to use our service
  • Please be punctual
  • Please write down your likes/dislikes in the “Remarks” column when you make your appointment
  • Please understand that sometimes, our mistresses have to reschedule appointments due to poor health
Girls   Girls Movie

* Click these photos, you can get the detail information of girls.


The woman makes a business trip to the hotel and home where you are staying.

【For the hotel】

Please tell the hotel name, the room number, and the check-in name.

※The business trip might be refused according to the hotel. It meets to the hotel in that case, and we will take it to the nearby sex hotel.(Neither the Hotel charge nor the taxi fee are included in courtesy rates.)

【For the home】

It corresponds only there is a landline. Please tell the address and the where to make contact.


  • ※It is not possible to go from Meguro to the hotel and home of 30 minutes or more by the taxi movement.
  • ※I get the transportation ¥5,000 when making a business trip to Minato Ward, Shinagawa Ward, and Shibuya Ward.
  • ※I get the transportation ¥8,000 when making a business trip to Shinjuku Ward, Chuo Ward, and Chiyoda Ward.
  • ※It is not possible to go in the Ueno area according to the place.
Method of appointment

Please read and understand the above-mentioned contents.

Step1 Click on the right button and fill in the form to make a reservation.

It is necessary to call to the store to confirm your reservation on the day of use. (Domestic call only)

■Please tell it as follows when it is reserved by telephone.

  • 1. Please tell the name.( Please say “My name is~)
  • 2. Please confirm whether it is possible to reserve it.
  • 3. Please tell the girl of the reservation date and hope.
  • 4. Please tell the course and the use time when the confirmation can be produced from the shop.(Please say “○○ minutes of ○○ course, please.”)
  • 5. Please tell the hotel name at the staying destination.

The charge of transportation is told from the shop at the end.Please give the report to the shop if the check-in is done by the hotel on that day.It calls and tell the spelling of the hotel(and room number) name about the turn, please.

Tel. 03-5447-6969

* If you have any trouble, "JAPAN-ESCORT.NET" will not take any responsibility.