-How to make a reservation for JAPAN-ESCORT.NET-
  • STEP1Please make a reservation with the reservation form the day before.(Women need to prepare for.)
  • STEP2Please peruse the “How to make a call”.
  • STEP3Please make a phone call to the shop.(Your reservation is not confirmed until you have telephoned us.)
Sakae, Nishiki
(栄, 錦)
Detail info of the store

Japan fetish femdom girls club

Japan / Fetish Femdom club
We have many branch ins Japan , Arriving with in 30 min . Foreigner Friendly Legal Licensed Nationwide Escort Agency
Location : Nagoya,Japan
Business hours : 9am – 5am the next day
Standard Play

Girls' topless, Licking service to upper half body, Prostate massage, Facesitting with handjob, Golden shower, Male squirting and Dry orgasm.

We provide Male squirting and dry orgasm by prostate massage. Compared to normal ejaculation it is said to be a 100 times better. Experience the extreme ecstasy. Going to be licked all over your upper body while facesitting. Being played with your glans, teased and stopped just before you cum again and again….until losing your mind and will be finished off by hand job. In between you will experience dry orgasm and after the cum shot, Male squirting comes. You will have the extreme orgasm that you can ever imagine.

Rendezvous 60min 90min 120min 150min
1P 16,000yen 24,000yen 31,000yen 39,000yen
3P 26,000yen 38,000yen 49,000yen 61,000yen

In the case of delivery session, it will be add 2000 yen.

※These fees are subject to 8% tax

  • ・Girls will speak Nasty talk in Japanese.
  • ・Male squirt and Dry orgasm may not be able to be experienced at first time. It is different from each individual.
  • ・Girls will touch you (you cannot touch the girl).
  • ・You cannot complain to the girl (call reception).

* Click these photos, you can get the detail information of girls.

Official Site

There is more than one meeting place.

Method of appointment

Please read and understand the above-mentioned contents.

Step1 Click on the right button and fill in the form to make a reservation.

It is necessary to call to the store to confirm your reservation on the day of use. (Domestic call only)
Step2 Before you call the phone, please be sure to read "How to make a confirmation call".
Step3Tel. 06-6214-1920

* If you have any trouble, "JAPAN-ESCORT.NET" will not take any responsibility.