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The worlds media has brought attention to the fact
that Japan has “Love Hotels”, but there are other types of Hotels in Japan too.

Love Hotel

Japanese “Love Hotels” are places where men and women of the age of 18 or over can go to spend some time alone. They are usually located in downtown areas, off roads near highways and the suburbs. Upon entering these hotels you generally find a lit up display near the entrance, displaying small pictures of various rooms. Lit up rooms are available, and rooms which are not lit up are unavailable. You have the choice of “rest” or “stay” room charges. The “rest” option is for a short time, generally 2-3 hours and is cheaper than the “stay” option, which means you have the room for the night (generally until 10am-12pm).

In the room, there will be a double bed, by which you will find a panel to operate the rooms lightning, background music etc. You will also usually find several condoms near the bed. All rooms have bathrooms, but the more expensive ones have facilities for couples to bathe together at the same time. Some rooms come equipped with adult vending machines (from which you can buy toys, lubricant etc), karaoke, DVD's and even video games.

City Hotel

Large hotels generally located in the heart of the city. Many hotels fall under this category, but it generally refers to famous first class hotels. These hotels are also often used for wedding receptions/events/conferences etc.

Business Hotel

Low cost Hotels in close proximity to urban areas/business districts/busy stations, primarily aimed at guests who are in the area on business.

Japanese Inn

Often located near resorts (beach/mountain/hot springs), these inns are places where you can enjoy yourself in a more traditional Japanese way. You sleep in Japanese style futons, with several people from the same party sharing one room. Baths are generally taken in large Japanese style baths with other people.

Capsule Hotel

Unique to Japan, Capsule Hotels offer low cost accommodation by providing small capsule like pods for their guests to stay in. Several capsules are set up in large rooms, so while there will be other guests in close proximity to you, you will have privacy in your capsule. These are generally located in the downtown area of cities, near other economy hotels. They generally have a bath/shower/sauna facility on site, or are established as an annex of a neighboring sauna.

This site may contain aduit material.You must be +18 to enter.