• Genre : Love Hotel, Economy hotel • Area : Tokyo

• Rules : Single use→OK, Business use→OK

• Telephone Number : 03-3802-5855

• Fees :STAY:¥7,000~(Weekend ¥1,000up) REST:¥3,500~

Accepted Credit Cards *Only for staying

Love Hotel

Japanese “Love Hotels” are places where men and women of the age of 18 or over can go to spend some time alone. They are usually located in downtown areas, off roads near highways and the suburbs. Upon entering these hotels you generally find a lit up display near the entrance, displaying small pictures of various rooms. Lit up rooms are available, and rooms which are not lit up are unavailable. You have the choice of “rest” or “stay” room charges. The “rest” option is for a short time, generally 2-3 hours and is cheaper than the “stay” option, which means you have the room for the night (generally until 10am-12pm).

In the room, there will be a double bed, by which you will find a panel to operate the rooms lightning, background music etc. You will also usually find several condoms near the bed. All rooms have bathrooms, but the more expensive ones have facilities for couples to bathe together at the same time. Some rooms come equipped with adult vending machines (from which you can buy toys, lubricant etc), karaoke, DVD's and even video games.