-How to make a reservation for JAPAN-ESCORT.NET-
  • STEP1Please make a reservation with the reservation form the day before.(Women need to prepare for.)
  • STEP2Please peruse the “How to make a call”.
  • STEP3Please make a phone call to the shop.(Your reservation is not confirmed until you have telephoned us.)
Sakae, Nishiki
(栄, 錦)
Store List(By region)

Japanese Escort Girls Club

・Address:Nagoya Sakae
・Open:12 pm-5 am  the next day
・Charge: Rendezvous  60 mins ¥17000~  // Delivery 75 mins ¥21000~ 

Outcall Service (Delivery)

This is a dispatch type of sexual service where we can “deliver” one of our girls to your hotel room etc., ideal for those on a business trip (We do business after midnight). The girl will create an enjoyable sexy mood, as if she was your lover. The girls can bring you to climax using their hands, mouths, breasts and their groins. There are some situations where we are unable to go to your hotel, due to the room type or the actual hotel.

Japan fetish femdom girls club

• address : Nagoya Japan

• open : 9am – 5am the next day

• charge :Meeting:60min/16,000Yen


This is a service that can meet the special demands of masochists. We are dominatrix club so we only play the role of "S".  You can choose any style from soft SM to hard SM, either ejaculation or non-ejaculation, enjoying the service in the paticuler hotel.

Japan Escort Erotic Massage Club

• address : Nagoya,Aichi,Hamamatsu,Japan

• open : 9am – 5am the next day

• charge :Meeting:60min/14,000Yen

Massage Parlor

A kind of sexual service where you receive a massage in a private room.. There is no sex but there is a sexual feel to the massage and it's possible for the man to reach climax.. There is Chinese, Korean and “Fashion” massages available. There are “store” type parlors and dispatch types. A sexy and pleasant mood is created with each massage.