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Japanese Escort Girls Club
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ex) big breasts, slim / 胸大,苗条,等

Name of hoping girl (up to 3 people)

Please leave it to the shop after asking hope. / 請聽希望之後委託給店

Credit card / 信用卡

Some store cannot be use. / 有部份店舖不能用

Remarks / 備註

Clothes on that day (only for Meeting service)

please read the shop detail, notes and the prohibited matters are understood. The violate act promises the thing not done. Moreover, even any trouble to be involved in the shop, "" will not take any responsibility.
請詳閱及理解店舖的注意事項和禁止事項,不要作出任何違反約束行為.此外,在店舖發生任何糾紛, 「」概不承擔任何責任。

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