Making a reservation with Delivery Health and telephone instructions

When you have decided on a store, please contact it by email.

Then make a phone call to the store after sending your mail. (at least 2 hours in advance on the day of appointment)

◎Telephone blue denotes the customer and red denotes the store.

The blue line denotes that you are requested to speak Japanese.

The yellow line denotes that the “shop staff” is speaking.

1.Your name -- あなたの名前を伝えます

My name is “Michael”(for example)

Watashi no namae wa “Michael”(for example) desu.


“JAPAN-ESCORT.NET” mimashita.

2.Sending a mail -- お店がメールを送ったかを尋ねます

Have you sent the mail?

Hai.“Mail” wo okurimashitaka?

Yes.I have.


3.Confirming the mail -- お店があなたのメールを確認します

I Confirmed we have received the mail.

Kakunin shimasu.

(Note) If all has been confirmed, please skip to step 8

4.If the mail has not been received -- メールが届いていないor不備がある場合

Please look at the “mail” section of the JAPAN-ESCORT.NET website.

“JAPAN-ESCORT.NET” wo mite “mail” wo kudasai.

5.When you can speak a little Japanese and you understand the shops system
-- 日本語が少しでも話せて、お店のシステムを理解できた場合

8.The end of mail confirmation -- メールを確認できた場合


Denotes that all has been confirmed, and you can continue to step 9.

<Staying at a hotel on business> -- 宿泊ホテルに女の子が行く場合
9.Confirmation telephone -- お店からの確認の電話を掛けます

We will make a phone call to your hotel room for confirmation.

Anata no heya ni kakunin no denwa wo shimasu.


Soredewa mata.

10.Room confirmation -- ホテルの部屋への確認電話

Is that Mr. “Michael(e.g.)”?

“Michael(e.g.)“san desuka?



11.Agreement on time -- 約束の時間の確認

The girl you have booked will come to your room at 9:30 p.m. Goodbye.

Kibou no onnanoko ga Nine-thirty p.m. ni anata no heya ni ikimasu.Soredewa.

If there is no problem, you can continue to step 20.

If the time is changed, please go to step 17.

12.If you fail to book a girl you like most -- 希望の女の子が予約できない場合

The girl you asked for is fully booked.

Kibou no onnanoko wa yoyaku de ippai desu.

Another one of our cute girls go.(We will send another one of our cute girls.)

Betsu no kawaii onnanoko ga ikimasu.

<If the girl cannot go to your room> -- 女の子が部屋に行けない場合
13.At a specified “Love hotel” (taxi pick-up) -- 指定のラブホテルにタクシーで向かう場合

20.Agreement -- 予約の完了