How to make phone calls to "Waiting for a meet, Shop"

When you have decided on a shop, please send an email (The email alone does not guarantee a booking). Then please call the shop two hours before your reservation on the date of the appointment. (Your reservation is not confirmed until you have both mailed and telephoned us.)

This is an example conversation of a telephone call to the shop.

Blue is the customer, red is the shop

Please read the blue parts in Japanese when on the phone.

The shop staff will read the red parts in Japanese.

1. Giving the shop your name -- あなたの名前を伝えます

My name is “Michael”(for example)

Watashi no namae wa “Michael”(e.g.) desu.


“JAPAN-ESCORT.NET” mimashita.

2.Sending a mail -- お店がメールを送ったかを尋ねます

Have you sent the mail?

Hai.“Mail” wo okurimashitaka?

Yes.I have.


3.Confirming the mail -- (お店が)あなたのメールを確認します

I Confirmed we have received the mail.

Kakunin shimasu.

(Note) If all has been confirmed, please skip to step 8 .

4.If the mail has not been received -- メールが届いていないor不備がある場合

Please look at the “mail” section of the JAPAN-ESCORT.NET website.

“JAPAN-ESCORT.NET” wo mite “mail” wo kudasai.

5.When you can speak a little Japanese and you understand the shops system
-- 日本語が少しでも話せてシステムを理解できた場合

8.The end of mail confirmation -- (お店が)あなたのメールを確認できた場合



9. When the requested girl is unavailable -- 希望の女の子が予約できない場合

The girl you asked for is fully booked.

Kibou no onnanoko wa yoyaku de ippai desu.

Another one of our cute girls go(We will send another one of our cute girls.)

Betsu no kawaii onnanoko ga ikimasu.

10.Confirming you know where the shop is -- お店の場所(待ち合わせ場所)の確認をします

Do you know where the shop is?

Omise no basho wa wakarimasuka?



if you don't understand where the shop is
-- お店の場所がわからない場合

13.The reservations time -- (お店が)あなたに約束の時間を伝えます

Please come at 9.30pm.

(e.g.)Nine-thirty p.m. ni kite kudasai.

14.If you want to change the reservation time -- 時間を変更したい時は、希望の時間を伝えます

Please change the time to 10pm.

(e.g.)Ten p.m. ni shite kudasai.

15.Describing your clothes -- <待ち合わせの場合>目印になる、あなたの服装と色をお店に伝えます

17.Completion -- 予約の完了



OK, we will be waiting for you.

OK. Omachi shite imasu.