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The way of enjoying a romantic night in Japan:
indulging yourself in the gentle and fragrant services of Japanese escort girl

In Japan Prostitution is illegal, and is classed as penetrative intercourse. Because of this, there are businesses which deal in “Servicing” customers in other ways. There are many businesses which deal in “Pleasuring” customers .

Japanese woman are polite, sensitive and kind so men who behave violently or do not adhere to the rules are not welcome. So for the sake of enjoying Japanese sensuous nightlife, please observe our rules and remember your manners.

Outcall Service (Delivery) - Japanese "Delivery Health"

This is a dispatch type of sexual service where we can “deliver” one of our girls to your hotel room etc., ideal for those on a business trip (We do business after midnight). The girl will create an enjoyable sexy mood, as if she was your lover. The girls can bring you to climax using their hands, mouths, breasts and their groins. There are some situations where we are unable to go to your hotel, due to the room type or the actual hotel.

Incall Service (Meets) - Japanese "Hotel Health"

After making arrangements at the store, you go to a hotel together with one of our girls to enjoy yourself. It's possible to make a reservation over the phone without going to the store. In such a case, you would meet the girl near the station or some well known location and then go to the hotel together. You can enjoy yourself with the feeling that you are with your lover. The girls can bring you to climax using their hands, mouths, breasts and their groins.


You can enjoy yourself in one of the shops bathrooms with one of our girls. Various soaps and lotions are used along with various techniques both in and outside of the bathtub to make sure that you have an enjoyable time. The shop is paid for use of their bathroom, and the woman is paid for her “service”. In Japan, Soapland is known as the “King of the sex industry”!


This is sexual play based on Sadism and Masochism. Some stores have girls who are “S”, some stores have girls who are “M”, and some have both. There are different stores where you can partake in “Soft” play and others where it's “Hard” play. There are some stores where it's you are allowed to finish but likewise, there are types where you can't. There are “Shop” types, where you can go to the shops premises and there are “Delivery” types where we bring the girls to your hotel.

Massage Parlor - Japanese "Fashion Massage" "Sexual Massage"

A kind of sexual service where you receive a massage in a private room.. There is no sex but there is a sexual feel to the massage and it's possible for the man to reach climax.. There is Chinese, Korean and “Fashion” massages available. There are “store” type parlors and dispatch types. A sexy and pleasant mood is created with each massage.

Date club'/association club

This is an introductory subscription service that arranges a location for women and men who wish to date. When joining, this service some Identification is required. The initial charge is the admission fee and a referral fee. When dating , the transportation costs of the woman is to be paid, as well as a “tip”. The date time lasts on average 3/4 hours. You can enjoy a meal and date as if you were with a loved one.

Strip theatre

Japanese girl strip theatre.

This site may contain aduit material.You must be +18 to enter.

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